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Bankruptcy Attorneys in Tacoma, WA.

Do you have questions about whether or not you can qualify for a Tacoma or Washington State bankruptcy? Let one of our Tacoma bankruptcy lawyers "prequalify" you based on your income, your debts, and your assets.

The experienced debt relief lawyers at our firm are here to help you get a fresh financial start and end your ongoing monthly cycle of debt. It CAN be broken.

When many of our bankruptcy clients in Tacoma first contact us, they are under the false assumption that they can no longer qualify for bankruptcy relief. Again, this is completely untrue. There are so many misconceptions about the new bankruptcy laws that it would be impossible to address them all here.

Our Tacoma bankruptcy attorneys, however, have heard most of them. And we are here to tell you that over 90% of our clients still qualify for some kind of bankruptcy protection. If you have questions or doubts about your ability to qualify, we're here to help. Simply call our offices and talk to a Tacoma bankruptcy lawyer from our team.

Our Washington State bankruptcy attorneys discharge millions of debts from people just like you every year. We know how to help. If you can qualify, moving forward with legally discharging your debts may be your best option. We are still qualifying over 90% of all individuals and families under the new laws.

Recent data and surveys clearly conclude what we are seeing every day. Over 90% of potential bankruptcy clients that would have been eligible to file for bankruptcy protection in Tacoma, Puyallup, University Place, Lakewood, and Fife and all surrounding Pierce County areas prior to the new laws taking effect, are still eligible to file bankruptcy bankruptcy relief under the Chapter 7 bankruptcy code.

As a result, many of our Tacoma bankruptcy clients are able to completely discharge and wipe out 100% of their debts while being able to retain 100% of their property and assets.

Our experienced Tacoma bankruptcy lawyers will take the time to help you determine whether or not you can qualify. After reviewing your debts, your income, your living expenses, and your assets, we will be able to help you fully understand your legal rights and options. Once you have been prequalified, you can then make an informed decision about how best to proceed.

All types of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases handled.

We handle all types of Pierce County bankruptcy cases from simple Chapter 7 filings to complex Chapter 13 cases involving personal businesses and significant debts and assets. If you live in Pierce County and want real answers from an experienced and knowledgeable Tacoma bankruptcy lawyer, we're here to assist you.

After calling to learn more about your rights and options, you may decide that filing for bankruptcy is your best option. For the majority of people who call and inquire, filing a Tacoma bankruptcy petition is in fact their best path. We invite you to call our offices for a free initial case analysis.

KEEP: Your Home, Your Car, Your Wages, Your Personal Possessions, and Your Driver's License

STOP: All Creditor Harassment, Collections, Garnishments, Lawsuits, and Foreclosure

YOU CAN: completely wipe out your debts or greatly reduce your monthly payments. We can help!

The U.S. Bankruptcy Code is here for your protection. If you qualify, filing for bankruptcy is your legal right.

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Tacoma bankruptcy attorney Erin M. Lane is a dedicated and experienced bankruptcy lawyer. She and her team provides debt relief to clients throughout Pierce County, WA. We are experienced Tacoma bankruptcy attorneys who help good people who are struggling to get the debt relief they deserve by filing either a Pierce County Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Our Washington State bankruptcy attorneys serve clients throughout the Greater Puget Sound area. Our Tacoma bankruptcy attorneys proudly serve the cities of Puyallup, University Place, Bonney Lake, Gig Harbor, Lakewood, Edgewood, Fife, and Fircrest. If you live in Tacoma or elsewhere in Pierce County and need to file for bankruptcy, we can help.

You are NOT trapped. There is a way out!

If you qualify, filing a Tacoma bankruptcy is your legal right. With the assistance of one of our Tacoma bankruptcy attorneys, you can get a fresh financial start today.

Your new future begins here. Contact experienced Washington State bankruptcy attorney Erin M. Lane and the experienced team that works with her. We offer:

  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Low Flat Fees

Call now for an initial Tacoma bankruptcy attorney consultation. The only thing you have to lose are your debts and your sleepless nights.


Bankruptcy is not a failure. It is a new beginning.

The credit card companies and other bill collectors want you to believe that filing for bankruptcy somehow represents the ultimate failure on your part. They want you to believe that if you file for bankruptcy here in Tacoma, WA or elsewhere in Pierce County, that you are somehow a disgrace to yourself and to society. This is absurd.

Bankruptcy is not a failure. The bankruptcy laws are here to protect you. If you qualify, filing for bankruptcy is your legal right. Tacoma bankruptcy attorney Erin M. Lane and the skilled attorneys that work with her realize that difficult financial times may happen to just about anyone.

Our offices provide caring and compassionate debt relief services to clients throughout Pierce County who are in need of bankruptcy services and protection. There is no need for you to live in fear of your phone ringing anymore.

A Tacoma bankruptcy allows you to:

  • STOP all harassing phone calls
  • STOP all repossessions
  • STOP all foreclosure actions
  • STOP all collection actions
  • STOP all lawsuits

A Tacoma bankruptcy also allows you to:

  • KEEP your car
  • KEEP your home
  • KEEP your wages
  • KEEP your furnishings
  • KEEP your driver's license

For many of our clients, filing a Tacoma personal bankruptcy is their best financial option. Call our Pierce County bankruptcy lawyers today to see if you qualify.

Tacoma Bankruptcy Lawyers

Tacoma, WA bankruptcy lawyers. Get experienced legal services in Pierce County today by contacting a Tacoma bankruptcy lawyer from our firm today:

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