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Filing bankruptcy to eliminate medical debt in Washington State.

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Filing bankruptcy to eliminate medical debt in Washington State.

Filing for bankruptcy will not just wipe out medical bills...

Many people contact us to inquire about “medical bankruptcy”. Though medical bills are perhaps the most common reason people have to file a consumer bankruptcy, there is no special classification of “medical bankruptcy”. In any bankruptcy, you have to include all of your debt. You can not pick and choose which creditors are covered by a bankruptcy, so you can not file a “medical bankruptcy” that covers medical bills only and allows you to keep other debt separate.

The judges, trustees and creditors do not usually look into the reasons why someone files for bankruptcy. The most important thing they look at is your ability to pay what debt you have. It is a problem if you take out debt in anticipation of filing bankruptcy, such as going on a shopping spree on a credit card with the intention of filing bankruptcy. However, it’s never an issue with medical bills. It’s basically unheard of for medical creditors to claim that a doctor’s bill was incurred fraudulently.

Of course, if you have significant medical problems it’s easier to show why you do not have the ability to pay debt. Not only can medical debt accumulate quickly, even if you have insurance, health issues often result in a reduction or loss of work.

The trustee in a bankruptcy will notice if you have a lot of medical debt. The trustee’s main interest is in whether the medical debt was from an accident that you can sue somebody for. If you have the right to sue someone for an accident or other negligence, that is considered your property or an “asset of the bankruptcy estate”.

Even if you have not filed the lawsuit, the trustee can decide to file the lawsuit for you to recover some money for creditors. You are able to protect a large portion of the money you can recover in a lawsuit with bankruptcy exemptions. It is important that you tell your Tacoma bankruptcy attorney if there is a possibility that you could sue for an injury or illness. If you leave out property in your bankruptcy, you could be denied a discharge all together or even prosecuted for a bankruptcy crime.

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