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Wipe out credit card debt with the help from a Tacoma bankruptcy attorney.

Eliminating your credit card bills by filing bankruptcy in Washington State.

Sometimes it seems like credit card offers just keep coming and coming... Even when you are in debt, you get offers for balance transfers or checks to cover other debt. Credit card companies offer airline points, low introductory rates and cash back deals. If you are reading this, you probably realize that these initial offers can go sour quickly as soon as you are a little late on just one payment. Wouldn't it be nice to finally break the cycle that keeps you in a constant state of financial stress? Filing a Washington State bankruptcy can be your solution to wipe out credit card debt and get ahead. Contact a bankruptcy lawyer in Tacoma, WA from our team today!

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A Tacoma bankruptcy attorney from our team can help you to discharge your credit card bills and get ahead.

If you find yourself living on credit cards, going over the credit limit, missing payments or finding that your payments are not putting a dent in your credit card debt, you should look into what bankruptcy can do for you.

Because credit cards are so easy to become too reliant on, they are a major cause of bankruptcy filing. They are almost always dischargeable. Wiping out credit card debt is usually quite easy in bankruptcy. There are times when a creditor actually has a lien on your property, usually a car, for credit cards. A lien is an interest in property taken by a creditor to secure the payment of the debt. In the vast majority of cases, credit cards are “general unsecured debt”, meaning you can discharge them without making any payments and without having to give up property.

Stop the harassing phone calls, stop the stress!

If you have already fallen behind on credit cards, you will be facing nasty phone calls. You may have been sued, possibly even garnished. It does not matter whether you are struggling to stay current on your cards, far behind on payments or in the middle of a garnishment – a bankruptcy will stop the credit card company immediately.

The only way a credit card company can block the discharge of the debt is to prove that you committed fraud. This requires filing an expensive law suit in bankruptcy court. If they lose and they can’t show they were justified in filing the lawsuit, they can be ordered to pay your attorney fees. The law gives you the right to make them pay attorney fees so they are not tempted to file baseless claims against debtors.

However, sometimes they sue and win. Almost always they have to prove fraud by circumstantial evidence – that you were headed towards bankruptcy and recklessly took out cash advances, your charges were suspiciously high, you charged luxuries, you showed no interest in making a payment, you talked to a bankruptcy attorney before going on a shopping spree, etc.

You will probably be fine if you just made a few small charges for necessities just before filing your case. If you faced an emergency and made a big charge in a panic only to discover you need to file bankruptcy, you may want to wait a while before filing your case to avoid suspicion and a lawsuit.

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